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Drumheller, located in Alberta’s captivating Canadian Badlands, has experienced a remarkable growth of 25%, becoming a vibrant center for recreational activities and tourism. The town is most renowned for its rich history as a hub for dinosaur fossils, housing the world’s largest collection at the Royal Tyrrell Museum. Visitors to Drumheller are captivated by the iconic ‘World’s Largest Dinosaur,’ a towering T-Rex model offering panoramic views of the town.

Additionally, the historic Atlas Coal Mine National Historic Site provides a glimpse into Drumheller Valley’s coal-mining heritage, while guided ghost walk tours weave tales of yesteryear. This charming town of approximately 7,700 residents blends small-town charm with modern amenities, creating an inviting atmosphere for visitors.

The tourism industry in Drumheller significantly boosts the local economy, generating an estimated $100 million in annual GDP. With over 2 million visitors each year, the region attracts guests primarily from nearby cities such as Calgary and Edmonton. Drumheller boasts a variety of accommodation options, with numerous providers offering a range of choices for travelers, excluding vacation rentals.

Why Nomadics Loves Managing Properties in Drumheller

We appreciate the close-knit community of Drumheller, where residents take pride in their town and its heritage. This sense of community extends to property management, creating strong relationships with property owners and tenants alike.

Drumheller’s growing popularity as a tourist destination also presents exciting opportunities for property investment and management. The town’s strategic location as a gateway to the Badlands ensures a steady stream of visitors throughout the year. This provides us with the chance to offer exceptional service and hospitality to guests, creating memorable experiences that keep them coming back.

Revenue Estimates for STR Properties in Drumheller

Drumheller’s tourism industry has been steadily growing, contributing to an increase in the value of property investments in the area. 

Type of PropertyEstimated Annual Revenue*
1 Bedroom$30,000-$35,000
2 Bedroom$35,000 – $40,000
3 Bedroom$50,000 – $65,000

*These numbers are estimates only. Reach out to the team at Nomadics for a customized potential annual revenue report.

Drumheller Tourism guide

Drumheller, nestled in Alberta’s captivating Canadian Badlands, welcomes over 2 million visitors annually to explore its rich history and stunning landscapes. Home to the renowned Royal Tyrrell Museum, it boasts the world’s largest collection of dinosaur fossils, offering a fascinating journey into prehistoric times.

Visitors can’t miss the iconic “World’s Largest Dinosaur,” a towering T-Rex model providing panoramic views of the town. The area’s historic Atlas Coal Mine National Historic Site offers insight into its coal-mining past, while guided ghost walk tours weave tales of yesteryear.

With its population of approximately 7,700 residents, Drumheller blends small-town charm with modern amenities. From quirky dinosaur photo ops to rugged hiking trails, it’s an adventure waiting to be unearthed in the heart of the Badlands.

1. Explore the Royal Tyrrell Museum: Immerse yourself in the world of dinosaurs at the Royal Tyrrell Museum, home to an extensive collection of dinosaur fossils and interactive exhibits.

2. Hike the Hoodoo Trail: Trek along the Hoodoo Trail to witness the otherworldly landscape of towering rock formations created by centuries of erosion.

3. Visit the World’s Largest Dinosaur: Climb inside the giant T-Rex at the World’s Largest Dinosaur, offering panoramic views of Drumheller from its jaw.

4. Discover the Atlas Coal Mine: Step back in time at the Atlas Coal Mine National Historic Site, where you can explore the historic coal mine and learn about Drumheller’s mining heritage.

5. Explore Midland Provincial Park: Venture into Midland Provincial Park to discover scenic hiking trails, stunning viewpoints, and opportunities for wildlife spotting.

6. Take a Badlands Helicopter Tour: Soar above the Badlands on a thrilling helicopter tour, offering breathtaking aerial views of the rugged terrain and iconic landmarks.

7. Visit the Canadian Badlands Passion Play: Experience the epic outdoor production of the Canadian Badlands Passion Play, featuring a cast of hundreds and a spectacular natural amphitheater.

8. Explore Horsethief Canyon: Marvel at the stunning vistas of Horsethief Canyon, a rugged landscape of dramatic cliffs and rolling hills perfect for hiking and photography.

9. Picnic at Bleriot Ferry: Enjoy a scenic picnic at the Bleriot Ferry Recreation Area, where you can relax by the Red Deer River and watch the historic ferry in action.

10. Discover the Badlands Amphitheatre: Attend a concert or theatrical performance at the Badlands Amphitheatre, an outdoor venue nestled amidst the stunning Badlands scenery.

1. Dinosaur Capital of the World: Drumheller proudly holds the title of the “Dinosaur Capital of the World” due to its abundance of dinosaur fossils and the Royal Tyrrell Museum’s world-renowned collection.

2. Hoodoo Magic: The unique rock formations known as hoodoos, found in the Drumheller Valley, are the result of thousands of years of erosion, creating a surreal landscape straight out of a fairy tale.

3. Giant T-Rex Statue: Drumheller boasts the World’s Largest Dinosaur, a massive T-Rex statue standing proudly in the heart of the town, offering panoramic views from its open jaws.

4. Ancient Fossil Discoveries: Some of the world’s most significant dinosaur fossil discoveries have been made in the Drumheller area, including the Albertosaurus, one of the most well-known carnivorous dinosaurs.

5. Badlands Mysteries: The Drumheller Badlands, with their rugged canyons and unique geology, hold secrets of ancient civilizations, making it a treasure trove for archaeologists and paleontologists.

6. Ghost Towns: Within the Drumheller region, you can find several ghost towns, remnants of the coal mining boom in the early 20th century, offering a glimpse into the town’s rich history.

7. World-Class Museum: The Royal Tyrrell Museum is not only Canada’s only museum dedicated to paleontology but also one of the leading institutions of its kind in the world, attracting researchers and visitors from across the globe.

8. Badlands Amphitheatre: Located amidst the stunning Badlands scenery, the Badlands Amphitheatre hosts a variety of concerts, events, and theatrical performances, offering a truly unique entertainment experience.

9. Dinosaurs on Parade: Drumheller features a delightful “Dino Walk” where life-sized dinosaur statues line the streets, creating a whimsical and educational stroll through the town.

10. Ice Age Giants: During the Ice Age, the Drumheller area was home to massive creatures like the woolly mammoth, whose remains have been discovered in the region, adding to its paleontological richness.

1. Dinosaur RV Park: Located just minutes away from the Royal Tyrrell Museum, Dinosaur RV Park offers spacious RV sites with full hookups, picnic tables, and fire pits, all nestled amidst the stunning Badlands landscape.

2. River Grove Campground & Cabins: Situated along the Red Deer River, River Grove Campground & Cabins provides a serene retreat with riverside camping, cozy cabins, and modern amenities including showers, laundry facilities, and a playground.

3. Dinosaur Trail RV Resort: Set against the picturesque backdrop of the Hoodoo rock formations, Dinosaur Trail RV Resort offers spacious RV sites, tent camping areas, and on-site amenities such as a heated pool, hot tub, and convenience store.

4. Hoodoo RV Resort & Campground: Nestled in the heart of the Badlands, Hoodoo RV Resort & Campground provides a tranquil camping experience with panoramic views, modern facilities, and easy access to hiking trails and dinosaur attractions.

5. Drumheller RV & Campground: Located near downtown Drumheller, Drumheller RV & Campground offers a convenient base for exploring the town’s attractions, with RV sites, tent camping areas, and facilities including a camp store, playground, and communal fire pit.

1. Bernie and the Boys Bistro: Indulge in delicious comfort food at Bernie and the Boys Bistro, known for its mouthwatering burgers, hearty sandwiches, and homestyle dishes.

2. Sublime Food & Wine: Experience fine dining at Sublime Food & Wine, where creative dishes crafted with locally sourced ingredients take center stage. Don’t miss their exquisite wine pairings to complement your meal.

3. Whifs Flapjack House: Start your day with a hearty breakfast at Whifs Flapjack House, a cozy diner serving up fluffy pancakes, savory omelets, and classic breakfast favorites.

4. O’Shea’s Eatery and Ale House: Enjoy a casual dining experience at O’Shea’s Eatery and Ale House, offering a menu of pub-style fare, craft beers on tap, and a lively atmosphere perfect for gathering with friends.

5. Vintage Tap House & Grill: Savor elevated pub cuisine at Vintage Tap House & Grill, where you’ll find a selection of gourmet burgers, artisan pizzas, and signature dishes paired with a variety of craft beers and cocktails.

Drumheller Vacation Rental Pricing & Occupancy

There are 145 vacation rentals in Drumheller. The average annual occupancy is 54% and average nightly rate (ADR) is $216.

Drumheller Real Estate Market

Contact our trusted realtor at 587-872-8038 or for expert guidance and assistance in finding the perfect Airbnb property.

Whether you’re seeking a cozy studio, a charming one-bedroom, or a spacious vacation home, we’re here to help you make the right investment choice.

Yes however, all individuals who offer a short-term accommodation, including Airbnb, VRBO, or similar websites, in Drumheller are required to obtain a Short-Term Accommodation Business License. This license ensures compliance with local regulations and standards. If you’re considering listing your property as an Airbnb in Drumheller, you will need to obtain this license to operate legally within the town.

For more detailed information and the application process, you can refer to the official website:

Town of Drumheller – Short-Term Rentals

In Drumheller, short-term rentals are allowed in all zones, including residential and commercial areas. This means that property owners can legally operate vacation rentals in various parts of Drumheller, offering flexibility in the choice of location for rental properties.

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